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  • Oakwood Farm

  • Gainesville,

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    • Number of Horses: 4
    • Completion Date: 2009
    • Cost: $3,098
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This fence installation was part of a comprehensive horse farm makeover in Prince William County, Virginia aimed at implementing “best management practices (BMPs)” that benefit horses, horsekeepers, and the environment.  Much of the information for this project listing has been taken, with permission, from Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District’s website.

448 feet of traditional, 3-board wood fence were installed to enclose two sacrifice areas on this Virginia horse farm.  ¾-round, pressure treated posts were used, with 8” diameter posts used for fence corners and gates and 5-7” diameter posts used elsewhere.  Posts were set in concrete.  Oak boards were used and were attached to the inside of the sacrifice area using a nail gun.  Fence layout included careful planning for gates, a walk-through, and an automatic waterer.


More about the Chesapeake Bay Friendly Horse Farm Project

Chesapeake Bay-Friendly Horse Farm at Oakwood Sign

The goal of the Chesapeake Bay~Friendly Horse Farm Project is to address common environmental issues found on horse properties that contain waterways, wetlands, or soils that may leach pollutants into surface or groundwater.  Water pollution from horse operations can commonly come from the mismanagement of mud, manure, and over-grazed pastures.  The project identified and utilized innovative management techniques that cost-effectively decrease water pollution.  The project was made possible through a public/private partnership led by the Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District (pwswcd.org) with grant funds provided through the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Water Quality Improvement Fund, via grant number 2007-WQIF-19.

$551 – 58 wooden posts (5”-7” in diameter) @ $9.50 per post
$244.40 – 13 gate and corner posts (8” in diameter) @ $18.80 per post
$625.50 – 90 wood boards (oak) @ $6.95 per board
$307.44 – 84 bags of concrete @ $3.66 per bag
$25.64 – one 5/8” deck screw
$1,344 – labor (installation) @ $3.00 per liner foot

Total cost = $3,097.98
Cost per liner foot installed = $6.92

Note: Gates and waterers not included in costs


Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District
Nicole Ethier

Oakwood Farm

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