• Geobarns Barn, Pomfret, VT

  • Private Farm

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    • Number of Horses: 2
    • Completion Date: 2012
    • Cost: $92,000
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This 30′ x 40′ Geobarns horse barn is nestled among 65 acres of rolling farmland in Pomfret, Vermont.  The barn is constructed of multiple types of wood including fir timbers, spruce dimension, pine shiplap, and red cedar stall doors.  The barn features a special type of framing, called “diagonal framing,” that is the hallmark of all Geobarns structures.  Invented by Geobarns owner George Abetti, diagonal framing is a unique and aesthetically beautiful engineering design that is stronger than traditional framing while using less wood and resulting in less construction waste.

The barn was built for the owners of a private, hobby farm.  It is designed to include 5 stalls, with removable stall dividers for added flexibility.  The owners plan on purchasing a couple of horses, but will also use the barn for goats and chickens.  One unique feature of this barn is the custom built chicken coup that sits below the stairs to the loft with access to the outside.  Another clever and unique feature of the barn is the construction of two cantilevered overhangs that extend along two sides of the barn.  Being cantilevered means the overhangs are fully supported by the barn walls.  As such, there is no need for support poles on the far end of the overhang.  This provides added space and flexibility for use of the overhang as a shed roof.  The second floor loft was also thoughtfully constructed.  The “I” shape of the loft allows for natural light from the cupola to reach through to the first floor, and sections of railing were designed to be removable for added ease of hay loading/unloading.

The farm owners spoke very highly about their experience working with Geobarns.  The owners particularly commented on how flexible the Geobarns crew was throughout the entire process, with thoughts and discussion for ways to “tweak this” or “improve upon that” shared mutually between builder and owner.  The result was a barn that exceeded everyone’s expectations.


$92,000 – includes weathertight shell (barn), stalls, gates, doors, tack room, and upper level loft with stairs, railings, and removable sections for easy offloading of hay.

not included – concrete foundation and grading work, plumbing, electric, and additional hardware accessories such as stall mats.

“The Geobarns crew that built our barn was exceptional.  The entire construction process was dynamic, with thoughts for ways to improve upon the initial design shared mutually between us and the crew, resulting in a barn that exceeded our expectations.  One thing I am particularly amazed about is the incredibly efficient use of space throughout the barn.”

– Patti, farm owner and doctor of veterinary medicine

George Abetti, Pres., General Manager
923 King’s Highway • White River Jct. VT 05001
Telephone/Fax: 802-295-9687 • Cell: 603-359-1912
Email: george@geobarns.com
Website: http://www.geobarns.com/

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